If hospitality is a flagbearer of the services industry, then it is the facility management services, which in turn bear the flag of the hospitality industry. Here we have, the ultimate barometer to gauge the experience of every guest on each asset as well as the facility.
And for more than a singular reason, Safal Hospitality has come to establish itself as a key player by giving the industry’s main objective of taking guest experience to the new high, an altogether new definition. We are a facility management company, who believe in being more than just cleaning services providers. Right from excellent guest services, like concierge, room service, to a proper management of assets, like lifts, AC, plumbing, to an impeccable cleaning service – it all interjects in a fine manner, to finally make the five-star experience possible. It is through understanding the guests’ expectations, and indulging in well-planned facility management implementations, that we’re able to achieve client satisfaction.

We understand that having a more holistic approach towards this sector is the only way to bring about a tangible difference to the way things are done presently. And that is what makes our way of providing facility management services in India stand out in the crowd.